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By Black Raccoon Consulting

The Fit Supply Hub

At Black Raccoon Consulting, we understand the dynamic and evolving needs of the fitness industry. That’s why we created Fit Supply Hub – a dedicated platform designed to bridge the gap between gyms, leisure clubs, bootcamps, and other fitness businesses with a curated network of trusted suppliers.

The Fit Supply Hub: Your Fitness Solution Connection

Here at Fit Supply Hub, we believe in the power of connection and collaboration. Our extensive network of suppliers is meticulously chosen to ensure quality, innovation, and reliability, meeting the diverse needs of today’s fitness world. Whether you’re a gym owner seeking the latest in fitness equipment, a bootcamp instructor looking for nutritional supplies, or a leisure club in need of cutting-edge software solutions, Fit Supply Hub is your gateway to the best in the business.

Streamlining Your Fitness Supplier Search with Black Raccoon Consulting

As a part of Black Raccoon Consulting, we bring our expertise and commitment to excellence in every recommendation we make. Our mission is to streamline your search for the perfect supplier, saving you time and effort while enhancing the quality of your fitness services. Discover a world of possibilities and propel your fitness business to new heights with Fit Supply Hub, where quality meets convenience.

Gym Upholstery UK

Fitness Equipment Upholstery Replacement 

  • Manufacture
  • Direct Supply
  • Re-upholstery
  • On-Site Service
  • Unique Service App
  • Customer Support

Become a Partner / Our Partners

Our Partners

Looking for a new supplier? Check our partners!

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Become a Partner

Joining Fit Supply Hub as a partner opens up a world of possibilities for your brand. Here are five key benefits of becoming a part of our trusted network:

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Black Raccoon Consultancy

Black Raccoon Consulting are here to provide you with the support, skills, training and operational guidance to ensure your health club, gym, fitness club, pool or studio business is a success.

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