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Black Raccoon Consulting

Welcome to the Fit Supply Hub by Black Raccoon Consulting

At Black Raccoon Consulting, we understand the dynamic and evolving needs of the fitness industry. That’s why we created Fit Supply Hub – a dedicated platform designed to bridge the gap between gyms, leisure clubs, bootcamps, and other fitness businesses with a curated network of trusted suppliers.

Our Services

  • Marketing Strategy: We develop customized marketing strategies to help fitness businesses attract and retain customers, improve brand visibility.
  • Performance Management: Our expertise in performance management allows us to assist clients in optimizing their operations, setting targets, and enhancing overall business performance.
  • Sales Training: Black Raccoon Consulting provides comprehensive sales training programs designed to enhance your team’s selling skills, boost conversion rates, and increase revenue.achieve their growth goals.
  • Lead Generation: We specialize in lead generation strategies, helping fitness businesses generate a consistent flow of high-quality leads to fuel their growth.
  • Customer Retention: Black Raccoon Consulting focuses on improving customer experiences, developing client journeys, and implementing strategies to enhance customer loyalty and reduce attrition.
  • Profitability Enhancement: We work with clients to identify areas where profitability can be increased, providing guidance on pricing strategies, cost management, and revenue optimization.

45-60 Minute Free Business development call worth £99