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Designed for retaining existing members, attracting new ones, and boosting revenue, BenFit provides gyms, leisure centres, personal trainers, and other health professionals with a comprehensive package, including the BenFit nutrition app and online software.

Personalised meal plans, shopping lists, and workout programmes can be created in just minutes, ensuring clients achieve quicker and more effective results.
With easy recipes you’ll help your members to manage their weight, build muscle mass and regain balance. With BenFit, you can take the time to really coach your clients. No prior training is necessary.

The BenFit training gives you the right tools to get started. Our helpdesk is staffed by dieticians and nutritionists who are ready to answer any questions you may have concerning the programme or dietary advice.

With the right coaching, your members will achieve good results and create ambassadors for your business. We also provide complete marketing campaigns ready for you in your own corporate identity, but you can also set up your own campaign in which BenFit supports you.

Profit-gen Apps

Custom-Designed Gym/Personal Trainer Coaching Apps – This service allows gym and/or personal trainers to have an affordable custom-designed coaching app. This service allows gyms and personal trainers to develop a lucrative online revenue and improves the results of clients.

We have an array of different features and components which can be used within our custom apps, and we are also able to develop custom features (at an additional cost).